Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 3: The Grind

  Only two classes today. My first class was half the size of an average class here. Not sure why, I think one of the co-teachers said that these students were learning Chinese as well. She was also difficult to understand, so maybe I'll get some clarification on that. Anyway, it was refreshing to have a small class with less noise. My second class was seventh period, with the male teacher. I ended up teaching the entire lesson for about fifty minutes. I had no idea I was teaching the lesson until he announced it to the class, so luckily I had something prepared to talk about from the book. I had them discuss a few short readings about cell phones. Luckily the students actually participated, thanks to the pressure from the male teacher. 

  This just in! First the good news: NEW POGO SONGS! A few songs from Winnie the Pooh. Seems ridiculous, sounds incredible! Everything that Pogo touches turns to gold. I'm seriously losing my mind over how good these songs are. 
  Now the bad news...Pogo was supposed to release his fantastic Pirates of the Caribbean remix along with the unveiling of the film in theaters. He was commissioned by Disney to make the song, but they renounced the contract and prevented Pogo from officially releasing the song on Youtube and his website. However, you can watch a live feed of the Pirates performance on Youtube, but you better hurry before it's gone for good. I've posted the Pirates clip below, which starts at 2:30. I'm so glad that Pogo rebounded from such bad news! Check out these new Hundred Acre remixes!!

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