Monday, June 13, 2011

Celeb Status

  I've been so busy lately I haven't had time to blog! So, let me recap from this past Thursday, which may have been the best Thursday of my life thus far. Fresh hooked me up with VIP access to a Formula 1 celebration party at Emporium Mall. Although the celebration was in Bangkok, the event took place in anticipation of the F1 Grand Prix race that will take place in Singapore. I've learned that a lot of international events take place in Thailand, while Thailand events themselves take place in other countries. For example, the Italian Film and Wine Festivals are both taking place here in Bangkok, while the Thailand Film Festival will be held in Italy. Anyway, this wine festival is at the same location as the Formula 1 night. It will be interesting to see how the atmosphere of the place changes for each event. 

  The Formula 1 celebration took place on the bottom floor in the center of a huge mall complex called Emporium Mall. It was surrounded by the most upscale stores. Inside the roped off area was a dj platform, bar, model runway, and a real Formula 1 car. Being there was quite a privilege, considering that there were Thai models, actors and actresses, and pop stars in attendance. I of course had no idea who any of these people were, but Fresh pointed them out to me while he searched for celebrities to photograph. Sophie, Lisa and I met some of Fresh's friends that he works with from promotional agencies or PR companies. Fresh knows so many people through his job that I just assume he knows everyone. Fresh's photos from the night will be available soon, but in the meantime you can check out this link that I found just by googling. As you look at these pictures from the night, be sure to look closely at the last one near the bottom of the page (wink). Formula 1 Emporium. It certainly was an extravagant night, drinking for free and partying with celebrities, but our evening didn't end there.

  From Emporium Mall we drove to Bed Supper Club. The name of the club is as ridiculous as the inside. I like to describe it as a spaceship lounge. The picture in the link shows one side of the club, which is half of the club itself. This is the relaxing side of the club with the beds on both sides, and both floors. I learned that this side of was also the VIP side where all the models and celebrities socialized. At one point Fresh pointed out an attractive girl at the bar and told me that it was Miss Universe from a previous year. It was easy to be overwhelmed by the atmosphere. I had never seen such a unique club before, nor had I ever been granted this kind of access. So the whole experience was pretty surreal, and a constant reminder of how fortunate I am just to be here in this country. When we entered the other side of the club I quickly realized that it was the energetic night club. It was darker, smaller and louder than the other side, with leather seats on the right side and the bar on the left side. Fresh courteously introduced me to new people constantly, and it was on this side that I met an attractive Asian girl who spoke English very well. I started talking to her for a while and learned that she studied in Ohio for a few years, aside from being a successful model. I briefly mentioned my story of being in Thailand to teach English and how lame that seemed compared to all the celebrities and models I met throughout the night. When I asked her what kind agencies she modeled for, she listed some unfamiliar companies and then ended with Playboy like it was no big deal. Needless to say I was ecstatic to be talking to any model let alone a Playboy model, so that was a pleasant surprise. 
After chatting her up for a bit I started asking Fresh's friends about the Diplo show that I had heard about earlier that week. There was a poster outside the club of the famous dj, so I had a feeling he was in town, but that his show would probably be on a Friday or Saturday rather than a Thursday night. Much to my astonishment I found out that he was playing at the club that very night! The night kept getting better and better! We made our way back to the chill side of the club to socialize with Fresh's friends and meet some new people until Diplo performed. Fresh's friends were all very sociable and welcoming. These events, I learned, are not only a great way to have fun with friends, but more importantly to network and meet new people. Everyone in our extended group was very nice and worth getting to know. Interestingly enough they all seemed to be of different nationalities. Even the three of us Loyola students represented America, Britain and South Africa. Just to name a few new friends, some of the other people in our group were Mexican, French, Filipino, and of course, Thai. It was fun learning about how these unique people made it to Bangkok through their various work experiences and what they're doing now. I'm sure just by going to one of these events you could meet someone who can connect you to any desirable job. As for the Diplo concert: out of control. So many fantastic remixes that all flowed together seamlessly. We danced on the upper level overlooking the performance. Best spot in the house. What a fantastic night!

Song of the Day: 
Bingo Players - 'Get Up' (Diplo Remix)

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