Sunday, June 26, 2011

JJ Market Shopping Spree

  After recovering from being sick I went to JJ Market on Saturday for a day of shopping. After all, I just got paid on Friday, so I was anxious to drop some baht. I love getting lost in that market, so it's always fun to explore new areas and get a sense of how to navigate the place. I bought a few t-shirts; a Red Bull and Coke shirt in Thai, and a white t-shirt with the word 'OK' on it. For some reason I really like the shirts here with random English words or phrases. I've seen shirts with funny phrases like 'It's me' or 'She's' that crack me up when I see them. Nothing crazy this weekend to report - I wanted to take it easy. I actually went to JJ again today just for something to do because a different group wanted to go. So today I picked up a few more t-shirts, a dress shirt and a skinny tie. I'm a big fan of this one shirt I bought today that has a cassette tape on the front with neon colors all over it, and below it says 'Analog Cassette: Retro 1969'. It's tough to describe, but maybe you'll see a picture of me wearing it one of these days.

  Pause the Music:
  I thought I'd take a moment to reflect on my music choices lately. I can't stop listening to electronic music. Maybe my Friday night mashup show wasn't enough of a release for me or something, but I find myself only listening to dance music and straying away from my passion for alternative/indie. It's tough to come by here in Thailand. Electronic music thrives here. You can't escape it, plus all the clubs play the best dance music. Moreover, some of the best names in electronic music perform here, with Fatboy Slim and Afrojack already making appearances in the same weekend! I was always anxious in America to experience a techno/dance club that was more than a concert or dance party at a bar. I definitely found that here, and it doesn't seem to get much better than BKK! But I do miss my tunes from working at WLOY and now I feel behind in the indie rock world. So maybe I need to do some research and see what my former promoters are listening to and what's workin' the charts. Recommendations of new tunes are welcome! With that I'll post something I heard while strolling through the market. Brings me back to my days at WLOY. The song was unexpected and made me smile because I never thought I'd here this small-time band while wandering through a market in south Asia, but maybe they're getting more popular! 

Song of the Day:
The Drums - 'We Tried'

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