Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Morgan De Toi!

  Friday evening brought us back to Emporium Mall for the Morgan De Toi! lingerie fashion show. The event was held in the clothing store itself to ensure its exclusiveness and prevent any onlookers outside the store from sneaking a peek. It was a pretty small space, with people lined up on both sides of a short runway down the middle of the store. I stood near the clothing racks to spectate from a distance and avoid getting in anyone's way. I feel out of place at these events anyway, at least until I have a few drinks. Before the show started the crowd was treated to a performance by a ladyboy pop star who seemed to idolize Lady Gaga. (He?) wore a giant messy blonde wig and a skin tight leopard print dress with black tights and heels. The whole outfit was laughable to any Westerner, because it was obviously a man in drag. What a diva. He sang a song to entertain the crowd, and they sure loved it. I couldn't tell if he was singing an original song or covering someone else's song, but it was actually pretty good. So I guess the pop star is a big deal in Thailand if he's performing at a televised fashion show. 
  The show featured six Russian models who all seemed to look alike. I wouldn't say that they were very attractive, especially because of how severely thin some of them were. Not to take away from the glamour of the show, but it was something that caught me off guard. I really enjoyed the event, plus the music was great. The whole runway scene lasted about twenty minutes, which concluded with free champagne. 
  After sipping on champagne in the store we were informed of a wine tasting on the lower level, still part of the Italian Wine Fest. Sophie, Ashley and I sat down at a row of tables while a professional wine taster explained how to properly sample the selections. I had some idea of what to do, but I enjoyed being guided through the whole process and learning about the entire wine-making process; from the region of Italy, to the fermentation, down to the grapes themselves. We drank one white and two reds, accompanied by bite size prosciutto on bread and some great cheese. Our guide was very knowledgable about all the food from Sardinia, Italy, so I assumed he was from somewhere near there. But I was surprised to learn that he was actually from Canada! He certainly knew his stuff. I love Italian food, so that whole experience was a real treat. 

  To summarize the rest of the night, Fresh took me to a dance party at the top of some fancy mall. I had no idea where we were but the mall had one of those famous wax museums in it, so it must have been pretty upscale. The top floor looked more like an open warehouse filled with people dancing, and somehow the drinks were free. Didn't know why and didn't care to ask. We danced there until midnight, then went to a club called Glow. It was a short cab ride away. Glow was the smallest club I've been to so far. It felt more cramped than Bed Supper, even with less people. The place was painted black all over with neon stripes painted throughout. Black lights illuminated the stripes, thus enhancing the glow. I imagine the place would be more fun with more people and better music. There were four dj's playing, yet all the music sounded the same and quickly became stale. Hard to believe all that happened in the same night! 

Song of the Day:
  Here's a song that I heard at the fashion show. Imagine all the models struttin' their stuff to this song. Damn. 
Ladyhawke - 'Paris is Burning' (Peaches Remix)

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