Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 2: Daily Routine

  Sight of relief! Today was much easier to handle compared to all the confusion yesterday. I only had two writing classes with the same teacher, before and after lunch. We talked about the same worksheet that covered 'connecting words' (and, because, if, or, although). The sheet involved some fill in the blanks and lines to create original sentences. My co-teacher was ten minutes late for the second class so I had to take on sixty kids by myself for a bit. I managed to get them to read aloud as a class until the teacher arrived. I never bothered to question why she was late. I suppose she was making copies of the worksheet. So, that was the most difficult part of my day today. Not bad. Luckily I recovered from my terrible stomach ache before school today. I won't go into detail, so I'll just say that something I ate did not agree with my stomach yesterday, yielding fiery results. Not sure what food did the damage, but I've heard that it's a common illness during the first couple weeks of being in Thailand. Hopefully that's the end of it. 
  Not much else to report on today. Going out for dinner around 7pm, ideally somewhere new!
Just to report back, we went to an upscale Thai restaurant a few blocks away from the school. It was a small indoor restaurant on the side of a house, with more tables outside on a patio. Although the weather was nice and cool, we decided to eat inside because our group was too big to seat everyone together outside. There was a power outage, and somehow the air conditioning could function independently without the lights. Dinner by candlelight sure set the mood, though. I ordered rice and pork soup, which was similar to any light rice-based soup in America. Rather than slices of meat, the pork was prepared in a meatball form. I really enjoyed it, especially because it was nice to have a different meal besides noodle dishes. 

Song of the Day:
New on my playlist, an electro remix group from Boulder CO. They have some fantastic house songs that should be on your dance mix. Thanks to Paul Kelly!
Savoy - 'We No Speak Americano' (remix)

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