Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Italiano Vino Festa!

  Bon-jor-no. Last night twelve of us ventured back to Emporium Mall for the Italian Wine Festival. What a contrast between this event and the Formula 1 night. Just looking at the pictures it doesn't even look like the same place. The wine flowed the entire time we were there. A bottle of red, bottle of white, it all depends upon your appetite. I had to throw that line in there. Champagne was available too, so I made sure to get my share of each. It was all free, so all of us went to town on the bar. We all had a great time: drank wine for the first time in a while, made some new friends, and one enemy. Let me explain...

  So, if you look through my Facebook pictures from the festival, you'll see me standing next to a very attractive blonde woman in a few photos named Monique. Sophie and I introduced ourselves because we were standing within the same group of friends, and naturally it lead to a conversation about our business in Thailand. She seemed genuinely friendly and curious about us and we seemed to hit it off rather well. Before long this German/Polish chick Monique invited us to go to a pub with her to have a few drinks. We thought, "well, she's hot and friendly, so why not, right?" So Walter, Sophie and I hopped in a cab with her and drove off to the pub. On the way I recall Monique saying how she hates fake people who aren't genuinely nice. Who doesn't? When we get to the bar Monique greets her co-workers at a nearby table before the four of us sit down at a booth to get drinks. We order our drinks and Monique orders two drinks for herself and at least five appetizers for the table. The three of us are thinking that ordering all this food is a little excessive, but we don't say anything. We chat until the food gets to the table, which ignites a ravenous hunger in Monique. She literally uses both her hands to stuff her face with all the fried food. Luckily Walter got this on film while she was in a drunken binge eating zone. I'll try to get the video up and running - it's shocking how someone so polite and attractive can become so grotesque in an instant. Monique continues to stuff her face without talking to any of us, totally oblivious to Walter's filming and laughing right in front of her. 

  As soon as she finishes the food she knocks over her glass of wine onto herself, slides out of the booth, stands up to take a few steps, trips and falls on the ground, then gets up and says goodbye to her co-workers while walking out the door to get a cab. All of this happened so quickly that the three of us could not believe we were getting played by this chick. We grabbed the waitress who managed to catch Monique and get 1000B from her before she left. The bill was nearly 2000B, and we only ordered to drinks and a water. Obviously we were upset. Long story short we got one of her co-workers to pick up the bill for us. Apparently this chick is notorious for getting incredibly drunk and belligerent. Also known as a hot mess. Thankfully it all worked out and we got a great story out of the experience. More of our friends came to join us at the bar after Monique left, so we had fun telling them everything that had happened. It was still a great night, for a Tuesday. Next event: Lingerie fashion show on Friday. Stay tuned! 

Song of the Day:
Just a great song, and I remember hearing it in the pub after the situation with Monique was resolved, which made me happy. 
Norman Greenbaum - 'Spirit in the Sky'

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