Tuesday, May 24, 2011


  This is my first attempt at blogging. Here goes nothing! This will be the introduction to the blog, seeing as I'm writing before the trip actually begins. I leave tomorrow afternoon from JFK around 3pm and fly straight to Hong Kong. As you can imagine it will be an extremely long flight of 16 hours. What makes this ride even more intolerable is the fact that I injured my tailbone, which is still incredibly sore. Sitting in a plane for that long will be torturous, but luckily I have plenty of heavy narcotics to keep me in a vegetable state for most of the ride. Hopefully the internet will work during the ride so I can continue to ramble my stream of consciousness to pass the time. We'll see how the narcotics effect my writing. When I arrive in Hong Kong there is a short layover until a 3 hour plane ride to Bangkok. After all that sitting I expect my ass to be either in extreme pain or comfortable numbness. I'll report back on that. 
  I hope that anyone on facebook will forward the link of this blog to other mutual friends so that I can create a decent following. With every post after this one I will include a song of the day at the end. This is partly to satisfy my need to publish music-related articles after my work at WLOY, and to constantly introduce friends to great music. Stay tuned for plenty of tunes and wild adventures! 

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