Thursday, September 8, 2011

On A Good Note

  There's nothing like having your friends show up with a bunch of guns. A firefight for the equivalent of $20 is an affordable way to exercise and relieve stress. My legs are still sore from paintball. Not from the impact of bullets, but from constantly running and crouching during the shooting spree. On Saturday afternoon our group traveled to the outskirts of Bangkok for a paintball skirmish in a swamp battlefield. The heat was relentless that day, sapping your energy in minutes and quickly instigating heat exhaustion. Imagine sprinting around obstacles in a swamp while wearing a full jump suit, padded vest and face mask. The only cool relief could be found with cold water and industrial fans in the garage outside the battlefield. 
The last time I played paintball I was a little girl of only twelve years old, petrified of being shot by the paint bullets and the bruises that would follow. This time around I found myself more confident and a bit more accurate. I'm sure all those years of video games have payed off. My aim actually was pretty bad, so I adjusted my tactics to sneaking up on my friends and flanking them to shoot them in the back - much more effective. Fair is foul and foul is fair. The swamp was split in half by the grass length; short grass on the half closest to the garage and waist-high swamp grass on the opposite side. Both sides were littered with obstacles for cover, from rusted out car chassis to giant industrial wooden spools. Somehow I managed to be frugal with my ammo during the matches and lasted through four games without refilling. We all had a blast shooting at each other and strategizing to take out the other team. At $30 you can't beat that for an afternoon shooting spree!

  That night our plans took us to the grand opening of a new club called "The Note". It was one of the smallest clubs I've been to in Bangkok. When I walked into the place I saw the bar on the right wall, and a small stage for a band on the immediate left corner near the entrance. The wall opposite the bar was lined with a leather couch and drink tables. Maybe fifty people could be packed on the first floor. The second floor had more couches and tables around the perimeter, a small glass dance floor in the center and an outdoor balcony. When I walked into the club I could look through the glass ceiling to see people dancing on the second floor. As we danced I took note of all the familiar dance songs I heard. I ended up making friends with Skinny Deejay Mark in hopes of collaboration or getting some help with DJ experience in Bangkok. Fingers crossed!

  Nuan's birthday was on Sunday, so she invited all the Americans to her house to celebrate. Nuan is the woman who cleans and maintains the building where all of the American teachers live. She is incredibly nice and talkative to everyone, and just an all-around jubilant person. Her house is located in a small village outside of Bangkok where she lives with her daughter and grandson. It was both very interesting and humbling to be a guest in a Thai family's house. I found her home to be quite cozy with the pink flowered wallpaper and summer home ambiance. The village was so calm and quiet compared to wear I live in the city.  I could imagine this home being ideal for a beach house. If only the ocean waited at the end of the street, already lined with palm trees. I apologize for the brief post today, but it's already overdue!

Song of the Day: Same Same but Different
  Today's songs come from the Australian band, Temper Trap off of their album Conditions. It's a solid album through and through. If you don't have this album or know this band, it's imperative that you check them out. The song is called "Fader". I recently found an irresistible remix that I can't get enough of. I first heard this remix two years ago at a Benny Benassi concert in D.C. Benny dropped this bomb during his set and I lost my mind because I was convinced that it was his own remix. Little did I know that it's not his at all, but sounds very similar to his style. This week I finally found the remix I heard so long ago, therefore it belongs in this post without a doubt. The guitar work in this remix is so simple, yet completely drives the song. It blows my mind that the remix only has a few thousand views compared to the 3 million plus views of the original music video. You'll see. This is one of my favorite bands, plus one of my favorite Indie rock remixes I've heard. It's a great way to end the weekend and this post on a good note. 

Temper Trap - "Fader"

Temper Trap - "Fader" (Rockdaworld Vocal Extended Mix) <<<Download 

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