Monday, August 8, 2011


  After sifting through the thousands of letters from the competition, I've narrowed it down to three winners! They're not ranked by any standards; only by the first three entries that I read. Now, don't be dismayed if your name isn't included in the list. There could be something traveling across to the world to you maybe you should continue to follow the blog and send me a letter during the next round of competition! Here are the winners:
1. Josh Tarini
2. Emily Barbo
3. Frank Bevilacqua
Congrats to all the lucky winners! You'll be receiving some lovely souvenirs in the mail. Who knows how long it will take to travel around the world? Depends on when I finally get around to actually shipping the packages off. I've been so busy doing various tasks during and after school. 

  I showed up to work on Monday this week prepared to get back into the usual routine of teaching English classes when I find a note on the office door that says I'm to teach basketball in PE class. This place is so wacky! Let it be known that I do not know (or care to know) anything about the sport and I have never played an organized game of basketball in my life. Yet I found myself clumsily teaching 10th graders how to shoot layups and free throws when I can't even make a basket. After letting the kids run wild and shoot the ball for a bit I taught them some basic terms and rules of the game (like I know what I'm doing). I explained dribbling, layups, traveling and some other definitions as best I could, then asked them a few questions about how to score points and whatnot. The students took notes on all the terminology and questions and proceeded to have me grade them on the spot; all 90 of them. Luckily I had another American co-teacher to help me out. I only had to check their work for completion, write a brief comment and sign it. I felt like I was signing autographs for all my fans, so I wrote silly comments like "Slam Dunk!" and "Space Jam!" before signing my name. I have to teach basketball on Monday and Tuesday for the next few weeks (I think). This week I'll only teach English on Wednesday and Thursday because Friday is Mother's Day / the Queen's birthday, so it's considered a national holiday. Since there are no classes on Friday, the Americans are planning a weekend trip to another province. I'm looking into a national forest adventure. Stay tuned! 

  Song of the Day:
I spent some time looking for some chill out lounge music and found some groovy tunes. I found this song by looking through similar artists on Itunes. I started with Thievery Corporation and sifted through artists that listeners also bought, which led me to Hird, a Scandinavian electronic jazz group. Searching for music can lead to some interesting results. This music is great for lounging outside and enjoying those warm summer nights. 
Hird - 'Keep You Kimi'

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