Friday, July 1, 2011

Childhood's End, Vie Hotel Fashion Show

  This week I found myself buried under piles of writing samples from each of the classes that I teach. The students are practicing their writing skills in order to prepare themselves for a Mother's Day letter that they will compose for their mothers. Currently they're working on introductory paragraphs about themselves: their family, activities they do with their friends, and their likes and dislikes. I thought the grading would never end. I had four piles of sixty paragraphs to correct. It was interesting to read the well crafted essays and learn about the students' aspirations and family life, but the task of grading so many papers was maddening. I shouldn't complain though because I barely had to teach at all this week. The M4 and M6 students had tests and military training, so I've been in the office all week. As I read the papers I took note of what ambitions the students described in their writing. Most students want to practice a profession similar to their parents, like becoming a doctor or an architect because they respect their parents' work. Yet there are still the independent students who want to be musicians regardless of what their parents want them to be when they grow up. This got me thinking about what my ambitions were when I was younger. I'm pretty sure I had no idea what I wanted to do when I was their age. I just wanted to graduate high school at that point. I guess I've been interested in the NSA for some time now, but that's more of an ongoing project than a definitive plan. But for now, I'll be 'teachah' until next May. Who knows what other job opportunities will appear in the near future!

  Last night Fresh invited me to a spa fashion show at the Vie Hotel. Pictures will be posted soon, but the venue was small compared to other places I've been. There was an area with a backdrop for photos with a wine and mixed drinks bar. Naturally, most of the people mingled in this room, taking pictures with their friends and socializing with everyone. I met many new friends and attempted to improve my networking abilities, if I have any. But it's all about meeting people, whether or not you're there for business. The other room of the venue was set up for the fashion show. There was a carpet runway, a stage and an attractive female dj playing some tunes. This show featured elegant models in dresses who were absolutely stunning. When the show ended there was a raffle for an assortment of prizes from various sponsors of the event. Name after name was picked for all kinds of prizes announced in Thai, so I was only listening for a mispronounced version of my name. My two friends and I waited for about twenty minutes while the event hosts drew names and finally my friend Walter won! We died laughing because we figured one of our names would be called sooner or later since it was taking so long to find winners. Walter won a six month free membership to the five star gym at the hotel, worth 15,000B. Lucky guy. Although I didn't luck out with any prizes, I definitely consider the night to be a success because I met so many people. Stay tuned for my recap of my July 4th celebration, sponsored by the US Embassy!

Song of the Day:
 As I was reminiscing earlier of years gone by, I stumbled upon a song by Baltimore native Noah Lennox of Animal Collective. I found his collaboration with Atlas Sound to be pleasantly nostalgic and relaxing. The video fits well with the song, utilizing vintage footage of a boy who dreams of being an astronaut one day. "What did you want to see? What did you want to be when you grew up?" 
Atlas Sound w. Noah Lennox - 'Walkabout'


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